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Moving forward

By now there's not a soul alive that

hasn't been affected by the pandemic

in one way or another.

We've lost much in terms of connections with loved ones, business failings, financial issues and loss of

lives and more.

Finding hope can be difficult when there are so many that find the need

to take sides on almost every issue.

From the political divide to the now

cancel culture divide, it's not hard

to get involved without realizing that

you did.

From my perspective, we need

to connect more on common ground,

compassion for one another and as fellow souls and fellow human beings.

In the end, do you want to be remembered as someone who showed love, tried to help others or someone

who wanted to divide?

It's perfectly fine to have our own views,

the problem seems to be when the divide becomes a movement of hatred and anger.

It's all about the vibe.