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Finding Hope

Maybe the pressures of life are especially hard right now.  

Maybe you've been feeling lost or invisible.

It can be tough to see the light when you're living in the darkness.

When we are given the blessing of 1 or 2 souls that reach out to us in the middle of our nightmare, it can feel like a lifeline.  That's because it is.

You can have 100 acquaintances in your life, whether they're coworkers, online friends, neighbors and such it doesn't matter.  They won't be there when your in the darkness, not usually.

It's the unexpected one that sends you a text now and then, reaches out to say hello, how are you, REALLY?  

It's the ones that still knock on your door or your device even when you look and feel like hell.  They want to talk with you and share in your life.

These souls are your blessing.  This is what hope looks like.

So maybe we can pass it on and be a blessing to someone we see living in the darkness.

It's too easy to judge them.  We have zero idea what they're really going through.  So instead, maybe just be a friend in a time where skepticism is too accepted and dogma has gotten out of hand.

Peace my friends.


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