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Karla Shields
Psychic Medium

Karla's spiritual mission is simple: On life's journey there are times when we truly feel the need to find answers. Karla knows this from a deep and personal level and is inspired by the Light to help and heal.


However, Karla's spiritual & life's journey has been far from easy. Regaining her strength in her spirituality following the greatest loss and darkest hour of her life, Karla uses her God-gifted psychic and spiritual abilities to help people all over the world deal with and define their personal troubles, and gives her clients a real sense of inner truth and balance with each reading and healing she does.


Her healings & readings have brought a sense of peace and closure to many people the world over who have utilized her gifts firsthand. Karla is very passionate about her work, and her general love for people and their welfare shines through in her powerful spiritual teachings.


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