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Some links that are close to Karla's heart.

Suicide Prevention, Survivors

Very close to my heart is the subject of Suicide Awareness, Knowledge and Support!  Kevin Caruso of does a supreme job of delivering all of it!

​​There are too many misunderstandings about this subject and this site is accurate as well as inspiring.  There is also the wall of angels suicide memorials where many have entered the name of a loved one lost to this horrible disease.

Whether you are looking for facts, need support as a survivor of suicide (the loved ones that are left behind are known as the survivors), or help... I urge you to connect at by clicking on the photo at the left that will link you to the site.

If you're in crisis you need help now!  Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK. or click  the image on the left for the website.  Do it now, please?

One friend comments: "I have used the hotline the other day due to issues I'm having and they were so helpful and have called me every so often to check in which is nice. Thank you for posting it!" 

Suicide Hotline
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