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Rays of Light


In the midst of chaos a cataclysmic union has occurred which will pour out over many thousands of souls. *~*SD*~*
Duly noted Oct. 12, 2017


Those that were injured, those whose lives were taken suddenly, tragically in the recent bombing incident in Boston, Massachusetts are fully intact in their Spirit.  While they leave sadness behind them for the loss of them, or the damage to their mental and emotional psyche caused by the trauma, they each have the opportunity to help heal the world, as each one of you do.  To heal the world, you find that which brings you love, joy, happiness, goodness and move in that direction, from moment to moment.  You release all that is not of that state of excitement.

So while the dark energies, still feeling quite strong and amazed at their abilities to cause such stirring and to gain such attention at the placement of their bombs have indeed accomplished what they thought they wanted... they did not gain anything.  

For in the light, each soul who has wept, reached out, inquired about another, offered a word of encouragement... has combined forces.  The swirling energies of the light are gaining momentum and bringing you all healing and higher. 

Indeed, the scars will be turned to stars and the brief shining moment of the dark energies of a few... fizzles. 4/16/13


*The "Red Sox" will part ways with Valentine.  (Aug. 2012) . ​ Validated 10-4-12

​*A few years ago I was waiting for someone, while standing in the kitchen of a house that was about 250 years old.  Within seconds I was approached by a well mannered gentleman spirit who introduced me as Thomas.  He asked for help in saving the house and gave me  history of his family and the house history (which I did not know) and the servants and farming that occurred that when it was built.  I was later told that the house was built originally by another man with the same surname, there was no knowledge about a Thomas. Thomas still visits me on occasion, the house was salvaged rather than destroyed. He's a charming spirit.  Validated 2/2/13 - Church Records confirmed Thomas as family in the same town in the mid 1700's., about 6 yrs younger than the other. 

* I feel very strongly that he Ravens will win the SuperBowl.  (Posted on Twitter 2/2/13 afternoon pre-game. Validated 2-2-13 Ravens 34-SF49'ers 31.



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