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Please remember...

When life has you torn, your dreams are feeling lost and it's hard to focus on the blessings in your life because of the trials you're involved in. Please remember:

  • Someone Loves You... that has crossed over and is still wanting you to remember how important you still are to them.

  • You are still here because you are not done yet.

  • That not every trouble is as bad as it seems at the time... and not every bit of luck is as good as it seems.

  • Most people that act like roaring tigers are really frightened kittens inside.

  • Once in a while, it's okay to stop and just feel... in fact, when you do this more often... you will find out what feels right to you, and what is not.... and you'll lift yourself higher.

  • Around every corner is a surprise, you have to get out of the box and look around to find them.

  • Money is a tool, an energy and is useful. Exchange it freely. Hoarding is for nuts.

  • More good usually comes from a kind act done with love than anything money can buy.

  • We are the same, we are one, we are energy. The illusion is that we are separate.

  • You are not alone. The illusion makes it seem as though you are. Someday you'll know this is true.

  • Spirit cares about how you feel and will always try to help you get back up again.

  • Nothing you do is invisible... someone, somewhere, on some plane of existence... is watching. Yes, the good things too.

  • Your energy does affect people around you. The best thing you can do for the world is find what makes you happy.

  • Loving someone and losing them is not an ending... it's a temporary void that only seems so permanent.

  • Some energy is dark because it lacks hope... spread hope like wildfire!

Peace, Love and yes... Light....


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