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Equality... are we there yet?

I'm not sure why we don't get it as a whole.

The "fight" for equal rights is nothing new.

The 1800's were filled with the Suffrage Movement. Lucy Stone of Brookfield, Massachusetts was the first woman in Massachusetts to earn a college degree. She and many, many others of like mind, joined the fight for

woman's rights in a time when public speaking in and of itself was discouraged for all women, not to mention work, pay, treatment and the right to vote!

We've come a long way baby... and yet, we've got a way to go.

Until we can look in the mirror and see our own imperfections before we cast a judgement to another.

Until we can sit around the campfire so to speak, and break bread with people that don't share our views, our belief systems, our color, our preferences.

Until we put love first.

The right to marry for all is fine with me. Who am I to judge? Moreover, who are you to judge? Two people in love is a beautiful thing. Love shared grows and when it's right, the energy from those two people who have a solid and firm foundation in their personal partnership will overflow and affect so many people you could not possibly count them all.

We haven't got it all together yet and that's okay, because we're human, we aren't supposed to be perfect. Perfection is idealism, not reality.