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Living in Love

Someday's we're up!

Someday's we need a helping hand from a friend,

or a smile from a passer-by,

or a special "Thank You"

because life can do that to us.

It can knock the breath right out of us so that we step back.

We stop, look, listen and want to just curl up in a ball,

and that's okay. It's life!

The best part of this time

is when we have the love from a friend to help us get back up.

The best part of this time is when we know that our lives

are not yet over just because someone left us.

The best part of this time is... finding a reason to get up again!

The best part of this time is... not waiting for everything to be

perfect to take that chance.

We know, you and I, that no-one is perfect,

even the size 2's or the 6 foot tall-dark and handsome.

We're all human, in this together, on our little journey.

We touch every life around us

and we're only really in each-other's space

for a short time when you stop and think about it.

Life is how you take it,

what you make it and

not what they tell you it should be.

This is your story.... make it grand!

#raysoflight #text #love #brave #death #inspirationfromthelight

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