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Happiness... any age, any place, for any reason!

Happiness is not over-rated, if anything, it's under-utilized!

You can't fake happiness for long. It's contagious!

I once took a course that included smiling as part of the homework.

It went something like this:

Put a smile on your face when you're around people

for the next week. Next class, tell us what happened.

More often than not, the students in my class all

had great experiences!

Their co-workers, family members and others,

who weren't used to seeing them smiling all the time

seemed happier when they were around.

Sure, some had to throw in that comment

"What are you smiling about!"

We all said... "Because I'm happy"... Try it... be happy... it's your choice!

:) *~*Spirited*~* :)

#happy #raysoflight

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