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Unconditional love in our daily life

It's not always easy to love unconditionally. We love our friends, our family, our significant other, our partner, our furry family members. The roles we are put here to play sometimes require, or seem to, helping those we care for in ways that may not be comfortable for them; or us. Sometimes we try and it seems we've put so much out there only to find an empty chair.

Through each day moving forward in 2014... maybe we can be reminded from time to time that WE are loved unconditionally by All That Is, that while we make mistakes in our well meant efforts, when love is behind the effort, it all works out exactly the way it was meant to be.

The energy of love is pure, high, full of light and it shines down on the dark, fear-filled parts of our lives. Darkness is the absence of light.

What do you choose in 2014.... Fear? or Love? Anger stems from fear; acceptance from love. It's okay to go back and forth, we all do. We're human and we can choose again in any moment to experience the higher emotions and to share them.... as unconditionally as we are able to.

Forgiveness requires we are able to forgive ourselves as well.... be good to yourself. It's your life, your 2014 and your experience.

PS - Mr. Boo-Boo (The Rescue Owl used in this Video) is Marvelous, isn't he?

Owls... Beautiful...

*~*Love always and in all ways*~*/Spirited Copyright 2014

I will be working with Megan and the Angels to bring you some marvelous messages in this upcoming year. Special New Years Offer and Blog Talk Radio Shows just

announced! Hugs!

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