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The dreaded "Downer" disease, by Spirited Daydreams

Be careful not to get "infected" by those around you who carry the dreaded "Downer" disease! You know the ones I mean... The ones that complain under their breath, or flip the bird every 2 seconds, or use the "F" word more times in a sentence than ever is warranted?

Staying positive amidst the manipulators, the addicted-in-denial's, and humans in general that aren't centered, can be a challenge. TGIF is, in part, due to the clearing and cleansing that we all need after spending more time around such people than ever is needed.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate every day, in every way!

(And... walk away once in a while... no-one needs to catch that "Downer" thing.)



#inspirationfromthelight #raysoflight #text

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