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Magic Wands

The Good Witch had one, the Bad Witch too.

They both had this in common and powerful they were.

Not more powerful than you however, for just as they sent out what I like to call prayers, the energy was sent, and the waves of the Universe carried it forth.

Whether we call something one thing or another is of no concern to me. It is what we do with it that matters.

We are in the world, on a journey. Mine is a journey of love. With that journey there are some steps that seemingly shake me to my very core, for those that I love with all of my heart come and go... and my love goes with them.

Did you know that when you send your love out, it returns immediately? The Love of God cannot leave you, for it is in all things. When you pray for someone, your energy sends that healing, and at the same time you are healed.

We all have magic wands. We do not need a stick or a ball or a thing, to use them. For they are not products of man, but of the Great Spirit, of God, of All-That-Is.

We are in human form and we are imperfect beings, yet when our prayers, our intentions, our daily steps are taken with Great Love for anyone, for all, especially for ourselves... we have the type of magic that is undeniable, un-matchable, and un-ending.

May we all find love in our hearts, strength from above in times of need, and know that no matter what happens, we can pull out our energy wands of magic and pray it up, send it out and rest in peace.

In Love and Light to one and all. Blessed, Learning and yours in Faith.


#inspirationfromthelight #love #raysoflight

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