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Crafting your self

We hear about creating out future, setting goals, tools, some gimmicks, helpful coaches and more. In reality a very large portion of these are about as awesome as you want them to be, right? Given your personal mindset, your vibe will carry you forward and you'll attract what you want to you. It's nothing new, it's been around since the onset of creation. Energy, pure and simple, is a magnetic force, or, repulsive if you choose it to be.

I'm totally thrilled that Science is finally catching up! Our people, those "Hippies" and others, were laughed at for many generations, at the thought that we could go within and connect with energy beyond this life and moreover to cause things to be attracted into our lives.

So yay for Science! You can teach us so much, and conversely we can teach you as well!

But in every life things happen. Your household changes, people leave, die and arrive.

Your job changes, the economy changes, technology out-modes positions, some are replaced by machines and going with the flow can feel like a ride over the rocky ridges of life, right?

Sometimes you just have to hold on. Seriously. Hold on, look around for those little wins as they call them now, the little things that make living worthwhile. In the midst of terrible situations there is almost always something beautiful, something worth learning, someone you can reach out too. The storm will pass eventually... and if it's meant to be, you'll still be here when it passes. At this point it's a bit odd, coming out of the cave and into the sun again, right? It can feel daunting, scary and if you've been in that cave long enough, you might question your own abilities to get the heck out of Dodge!!!

This is where I want to target this summer. I've had my share of cave living, if you will. We all have had our challenges, and we need, as a world now, to know that we can indeed cause co-creation of our space, our community and our world.

It all starts with wanting things to change. It starts with finding that little place inside you that still believes you can figure it all out somehow. It most definitely starts with asking the powers that be, those unseen energies, your Higher Power, for guidance, for strength and for, yes.... a sign.

So welcome to Spirited Daydreams this Summer of 2017. I'm kicking it off a couple of weeks early, just in