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Use. Your. Voice.

If you don't like what's going on... use....your....voice. I've nothing against being respectful, I think that's essential.

That being said, please remember... Not everyone out there IS being respectful of us.

S T A N D . U P .

You can stay in denial but that river in Egypt won't help us here... It can't be just the Millennials either.

It takes a HUGE village this time. I'm just getting started!

Respectfully of course.

Our current and future families deserves so much more than egotistical BS. Okay, maybe that wasn't very respectful...ooops sorry!🤦‍♀️

Love is sweaty. Love is messy. Love is what happens AFTER you wrinkle and your memory fades.

Love is what you do to hold yourself together so that your loved ones can sleep without fear.

Love is walking into the house past the cops and making hamburgers for your boys when your daughter was pronounced dead because with 30 people in the house nobody bothered to ask them if they had e