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I am that I am

This year was crazy but blessed for me, as I have let go of the constraints that required me to have a face in public that did not match my soul. Despite the circumstances, many of us have found bits of our journey unveil this year that otherwise we may not have noticed otherwise in our busy, crazy lives.

My own path is to help lend a hand, spiritually and otherwise and so yes, I shine in the darkness for those who need it when I can. We all find ourselves there in life.

Working through my Simply Gussy journey (which I find great joy in sharing!) my spiritual work in Spirited Daydreams which sustains me and is my primary reason for being and all the daily connections with you all and most importantly my family and my tribe has meant more to me than you can know.

My greatest wish for each and every one of you is that you are embodied with your highest self, surrounded by love and find joy in your journey, regardless of the external conditions.

Blessings on the closing of this calendar year.

May you truly find strength, connection and that which is waiting for you to uncover.

I look forward to our connections in 2021!

My Guides are rejoicing! They have waited a long time for this.

Please enjoy my very favorite piece:

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