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Music is truly a gift of healing

Here are some of my favorites that inspire and remind us of what's important, enjoy!


Sometimes most of us could use this reminder!  Most of you know I'm a strong advocate for this!


When you know, you know.

Price Tag

I'm a firm believer in this.  Money is necessary as a tool of exchange, beyond that, it's unnecessary.  

The Warrior's Prayer

A simply beautiful rendition of the "The Warrior's Prayer" written by the late Stuart Wilde.  


None of us are without a Spirit Guide.  Are you noticing the simple signs that are so easily overlooked?

Happy - From Palermo

This song by Pharrell Williams is such a gift for us all!  I really like this particular video done by people in Palermo, because it's real... it's not staged too much and you can truly feel the happiness of the people, old and young and in between!  Have a happy day!

Secret Garden

Blessings to you.

I Won't Give Up

Works of Love are more rewarding than any other.  We may not reap the rewards personally, it's often watching them succeed as they walk away that makes it worth it.


There is none more lovely.  

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